Options for any stage

Success Software is pleased to offer an array of engagement options designed to meet your business wherever it's at today and adapt as your needs change in the future.


Engagement Models

See what we can do

Pilot Project

Short Term (60 - 180 days)

With minimal risk, limited-scope deliverables let you see for yourself why nearly all of our clients choose to extend their original engagement with us.

  • The billing option of your choice
  • A carefully vetted team
  • Designated project liaison
  • Daily progress visibility
  • Comprehensive quality control
  • All code stored in your repos
  • Built to your requirements
  • Built in environments you control
  • DevSecOps support available
  • UI/UX support available

Own your team

Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT)

Long Term (2-3 years until transfer)

We recruit, screen, hire and train members based on your requirements before transferring the team to your wholly owned offshore subsidiary. 

  • Negotiated billing & contract terms
  • Professional services for local compliance
  • Real estate services
  • Choose your team model or ours
  • Choose your job descriptions or ours
  • Choose your orientation model or ours
  • Choose your career paths or ours
  • Choose your delivery process or ours
  • Dedicated physical office space
  • Dedicated network & hardware
  • Your uniform & dress code policies
  • Post-transfer IT support available
  • Post-transfer HR support available
  • Post-transfer finance support available

Included within all engagement models

Success Software's human capital management organization applies industry-leading best practices within the disciplines of recruiting, screening, hiring, and developing every employee. Each member of every team is provided with the resources and support they need to maximally perform. All team members are trained and held accountable not only to perform, but to protect our business and you - our clients - through the following: 


Continuous Improvement

As part of our ongoing ISO 9001 and CMMI compliance, all processes related to operations, security and quality management are thoroughly documented and subject to regular audits and analysis for improvement.


Intellectual Property Protection

All contracts include explicit assignment of IP ownership, and any third-party dependencies (including open source) are properly documented.  


Proactive Information Security

As part of our ongoing ISO 27001 compliance, all of our facilities, networks, devices, and end-user operations are subject to rigorous security controls with regular audits. 


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