Asia’s Premier Emerging Market for BPO
Vietnam has now been identified by Cushman & Wakefield Research for two years running as the top emerging provider of business process outsourcing in Asia. In their Business Process Outsourcing and Shared Service Location Index 2016, C&W notes, “It is not surprising that Vietnam comes out on top of the Pioneering location Index, a ranking which is largely driven by its low cost environment, a perceived drop in political risk and strong GDP output per capita”. Towers Watson, in their most recent "Services Offshore Ranking: A comparative analysis of emerging countries" report, ranked Vietnam as the most attractive location in terms of cost, with India and Philippines ranked number 2 and 3 respectively.
The government of Vietnam forecasts a record $17 Billion in Foreign Direct Investment will be disbursed during 2017. World Bank predicts economic growth in the country will exceed 6% until 2019, placing it among the world’s fastest.

Party to the Patent Cooperation Treaty and the Madrid Agreement, Vietnam has implemented robust IP protection for local and international interests alike. As a member of the World Trade Organization and World Intellectual Property Organization, Vietnam’s IP legislation provides extensive protections of IP in accordance with the international standards required by the TRIPS Agreement. 

Furthermore, by operating local legal entities, Success Software offers companies the opportunity to leverage remote delivery without the inconvenience or risks of international contracts and transfers.

A Business Friendly Environment

With a population of 95 million people, Vietnam is ranked 10th globally for annual engineering graduates. English is the primary foreign language taught during secondary education, and students rank among the highest in Asia for Western cultural awareness. The country is also home to a robust postsecondary educational environment that includes the National University system as well as international campuses of leading American, Australian, and French universities.

Students rank among the highest in Asia for Western cultural proficiency, the result of high internet penetration and standardized English language training during primary and secondary education. The EF English Proficiency Index places Vietnam among the most proficient in Asia.

As a company, we directly provide continuing education for both English and technical competencies, as well as assistance for employees pursuing industry certifications and graduate studies.

Vietnam Leads  in Education

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