Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT)

BOT provides a turnkey option for companies that want to own their offshore development team. Success Software will recruit, screen, hire and train a team in Vietnam based entirely on your long-term requirements. We work closely with your team every step of the way – setting up infrastructure, your offshore entity, internal and regulatory. compliance – all of it. Once fully operational, the team and all related IP are contained within your new wholly owned offshore subsidiary.

Efficiency & Control

For companies thinking long-term, BOT is an excellent solution for delivering a technology roadmap with complete control. Your team can be up and running within weeks, ready to follow our proven process for integration with your broader organization. We can even include optional audit and certification for Agile, CMMI, ISO 9001, and ISO 27001 / ISMS.

How Build-Operate-Transfer Works

Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) is a contractual relationship within which your company hires Success Software to set up, optimize and run a foreign software delivery operation with the contractually stipulated intent of transferring the operation to the parent organization as a captive subsidiary.

The 3 Phases of BOT

Build Phase

Success Software designs, builds, and sets up the facility or operation based on the client’s requirements.

  • We create a new legal entity in Vietnam
  • We set aside dedicated physical space in our development center
  • We provide dedicated network & hardware infrastructure
  • You choose your team model or ours

  • You choose your job descriptions or ours
  • You choose your orientation model or ours

  • You choose your career paths or ours
  • You choose your delivery process or ours

  • We implement your choices as we begin hiring

Operate Phase

Success Software manages the day-to-day operations, staffing, maintenance, and optimization.

  • We oversee local operations in coordination with your global team

  • Your team adheres to your uniform & dress code policies

  • We ensure local compliance
  • We provide local IT support as needed
  • We provide HR support as needed
  • We provide admin & finance support as needed
  • We recruit and hire in-country management

  • We provide real estate services to secure an ideal office location for your subsidiary

Transfer Phase

Success Software assists as your company takes over ownership of the Vietnam entity and direct oversight of all operations. 

  • We ensure everything is in order prior to transfer

  • You choose for us to hire internal staff or retain us for IT support

  • You choose for us to hire internal staff or retain us for HR support
  • You choose for us to hire internal staff or retain us for finance support

  • We transfer legal ownership of the entity to your company

  • Your company now has a wholly owned software delivery operation

Why Vietnam?

Labelled the “sleeping tiger” of Asia, Vietnam is forecasted to disburse a record $27 Billion in Foreign Direct Investment during 2022, and yet its robust capabilities remain largely unfamiliar to many Western firms. With World Bank predicting economic growth in the country to exceed 7.5% through 2022, among the world’s fastest, Vietnam is positioned to lead the region during the coming decade.

Business Environment
Friendly to Outsourcing

Identified by Cushman & Wakefield Research for six years running as the top emerging provider of business process outsourcing in Asia, Vietnam is now the region’s premier emerging market for BPO. C&W notes that, “It is not surprising that Vietnam comes out on top of the Pioneering location Index, a ranking which is largely driven by its low cost environment, a perceived drop in political risk and strong GDP output per capita.”

A.T. Kearny now ranks Vietnam’s $2 Billion BPO industry #6 on their 2021 Global Services Location Index. “This growth is due, in part, to the low cost of labor in Vietnam, which is half of that in India and China’s tier 1 cities. Furthermore, a significant percentage of the predominantly young Vietnamese population is fluent in English.”

Global professional services firm Towers Watson also ranks Vietnam as the most attractive location in terms of cost, with India and Philippines ranked number 2 and 3 respectively.

Vietnam Leads in
Engineering Education

With a population of 97 million people, Vietnam is consistently ranked in the top 10 globally by the World Economic Forum for annual engineering graduates. English is the primary foreign language taught during secondary education, and students rank among the highest in Asia for Western cultural awareness.

The country is also home to a robust postsecondary educational environment that includes the National University system as well as international campuses of leading American, Australian, and French universities.

Vietnamese students rank among the highest in Asia for Western cultural proficiency, the result of high internet penetration and standardized English language training during primary and secondary education. In fact, the EF English Proficiency Index places Vietnam among the most proficient in Asia.

Why Success Software

Flexible options for assembling a team suited to your precise needs

Resources are available on a time-and-materials, long-term dedicated, or fixed-fee basis. We create a resource plan based on your project requirements, and our hybrid team approach allows the various engagement options to be combined based on when and for how long each resource is needed.

Recruiting, screening, and professional development done for you

Our human resource organization excels at finding exceptional talent, orienting them to process and best-practice, and furthering their skillsets with the latest tools and technology. It is through these investments that we ensure your team is happy, stable, and productive.

Plug-and-play our proven processes or adapt them to your own

Our continuous improvement practice allows us to keep refining our internal processes and circulating lessons learned to all teams, yours included. Your team can also incorporate your own organization’s preferred process and best practice, while simultaneously benefiting from our Agile, CMMI, ISO 9001, and ISO 27001 certifications.

We work hard to make it feel like you’re right there with the team

From the beginning, our AIM Model shows everyone where they fit in the process and what is expected from them. Constant, proactive communication keeps everyone in the loop, ensures critical details get the attention they deserve, and you know exactly what is happening.

What our clients say

“They asked the right questions at the right times, and that diligence showed in the testing and delivery stages, and the final product speaks for itself. We’ve found Success Software to be an increasingly relied-upon and valued long-term partner.”

Brent McMahon
CEO @ Fluid Media

“I was immediately impressed that the whole team was composed of intelligent, experienced personnel. The company showed they had the knowledge and professionalism to handle the project from design, implementation, and delivery, all within our required time frames.”

Mike Ngo
CIO @ Aperia

“At a crucial stage in our development, Success Software Services was the right partner to provide us the flexibility and expertise we needed, ensuring the 27Pix platform and recommendation engine launched on time with high quality, innovative, and engaging features.”

Huy Mai
CEO @ 27Pix Technologies