As a strategic partner

Companies from a variety of industries around the globe rely on Success Software as a partner who alleviates growth bottlenecks and accelerates their time-to-market. 


Horizontal alignment

Alignment, the initial step in our AIM model, is first optimized based on the stage and focus of your organization: 

  • Established software provider
  • Enterprise IT
  • Technology startup

Established Software Providers

We offer solutions for every stage in a product lifecycle, with services from architecture to DevOps and everything in between.

Founded in 1990, U.S. based Accent is a leading provider of digital content management solutions to the Fortune 500 with users in more than 100 countries.
Success Software was engaged by Accent to develop a cloud-based platform aggregating sensitive end-user data for machine learning, all while ensuring security and regulatory compliance. 

Enterprise IT Organizations

Bespoke applications built to your organization’s requirements, with the same quality you would expect from a leading packaged product.

Founded in 1873, Polytechnique Montréal is one of Canada’s leading research universities with over 8000 students in more than 120 programs.
Success Software Services was selected to replace a legacy school management system with a modern application that immediately replicated existing functionality and established the foundation for future expansion. 

Early Stage Tech Startups

If running a startup is like building a plane while it’s taking off, our capabilities and capital efficiency will accelerate your product and extend your runway. 

Headquartered in Ontario, Canada, Fluid Media provides robust digital publishing solutions to a range of commercial and consumer media categories.
Success Software was initially engaged by Fluid Media to provide a single Agile team for their digital publishing products. This engagement has since expanded to include additional product development teams and support for professional services.


FinTech and banking

Take advantage of an array of solutions tailored specifically to industry demands. Our Agile teams can work independently or integrated with your existing teams to deliver high-quality products quickly and securely – leveraging industry leading APIs from Stripe, Plaid, WorldPay, PayPal, and more.

This client prefers to remain unnamed at this time. Incubated by a U.S. based bank, this FinTech startup now provides critical financial infrastructure to multiple institutions.
In late 2018, Success Software was selected to take several proprietary systems, and re-architect them as marketable products for the banking industry. 

Dallas based SaaS provider Aperia serves the finance, banking, and payments industries, enabling millions of users to process billions of transactions per day,
Success Software was engaged by Aperia to develop a cloud-based SaaS application utilized by large institutions to provide employees with assessments, training, audits, and documentation related to federal regulatory compliance.

Headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, IDS Holdings is a financial and investment management firm well regarded throughout Asia for its impressive returns on capital.
Success Software was engaged by IDS to develop a new global account management platform. The cloud-based portal allows the company’s many agents and investors to easily and securely manage their relationships and monitor investment portfolios.


Other Industries

Select examples of projects from various countries and industries


Headquartered in the United States, Aperia serves millions of users worldwide with products  including big data analytics, application on-boarding, security solutions, risk management, detailed customer reporting and statements, as well as an industry leading CRM solutions. 
Success Software was engaged by Aperia to develop their HIPPA Help Center product, a cloud-based multitenant application serving the healthcare industry with regulatory compliance management.

Marketing & Advertising


DCT is a business communications solutions and infrastructure provider, whose email and SMS automation platforms are widely used for digital marketing across Singapore and Malaysia.
Success Software Services was engaged by DCT to develop a multitenant cloud application allowing their customers to manage large-scale email lists and marketing campaigns.

Transportation & Logistics

Ovis Telematics is a Netherlands based company that helps customers optimize their critical dynamic logistic processes with fine grid monitoring solutions. Real-time, detailed sensor information provides key-performance indicators for better control over logistics, optimizing efficiency and reliability.
Success Software was engaged by INFOdation to develop a telematics application that allows shippers to remotely manage sensors and track their containers in transit. In addition to tracking status and location of containers, users can monitor and adjust the temperature and humidity of each container from a central dashboard.

Data Analytics

PI.EXCHANGE is a Melbourne, Australia based startup, specializing in marketing automation and data analytics. Founded to help businesses fully extract value from their data, the company combines cutting-edge data science with deep marketing expertise to help organizations understand their customers better.
Success Software worked with the PI.EXCHANGE product team to develop and launch a mobile app allowing individuals to create a free personal data bank vault. Data from a variety of sources is streamed in realtime to the vault, where it is stored securely and privately, all under control of the user.